It is very Important to have QFL BreathePure Air Purifier in your Home or Workplace.

It is very Important to have QFL BreathePure Air Purifier in your Home or Workplace.


QFL air purifier smoke and odor eliminator is based on the latest activated oxygen Air Purification Technology. .It is light-weight, needs no installation, no collection plate to clean, no plate or filter to change and it requires no maintenance.

Covers up to 2500 Sq. Ft. Area. Eliminates 98% of the Worst Pollution in Minutes. May provide Fast Relief From Allergies and Sinus.

Size.3.5" X 5.5" x 7.5". Plug and Play. Ultra Low energy usage.Eco Friendly Design.. USA 110V Model. (NO filters to clean). Portable Design (compact and portable design means you can use it virtually anywhere -- in your home, work, office,-- basically everywhere.

Additional Benefits: QOZO-500CT-12 also generates negative ions which provide the following benefits: Reduce headaches, lethargy, dizziness and nausea caused by computers. Negative ions reduce infections and the concentration of airborne germs.

Enhance sleep quality, improve alertness, concentration, reaction time, mood, etc

How to start the machine: Select the MODE, then press ON/OFF . To stop the machine, press ON/OFF For Daily Air Purifying Operating Mode: (Automatic Mode): N. Machine is ON 30 min and then OFF 30min . Repeats...... H: Machine is ON 45 min and then OFF 15min . Repeats...... L: Machine is ON 15 min and then OFF 45min . Repeats......More settings are available. .

What Is In The Box: BreathePure 500 AC-DC adaptor – 1 Net(for replacement) – The user’s manual – 1 OPA500B – 1 – Extra ozone Plate (for replacement). The QFL “Odor & Smoke Eater/Air Purifier” Ozone Technology is used by thousands of people like you.


  1. Bright neon to indicate the unit is working.
  2. Brush-less fan to blow ozone out of casing.
  3. Purify the air and prevent disease; makes your indoor air fresh and clean.
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