Support for Grip for Optimal Performance

The RDX F4 gloves are ideal for sparring or training if you want to better and protect yourself. Your hands will always be safe because of the multiple layers of padding, which include Gel Foam, EVA-Lution Sheet, and Polygonal Fusion Foam, regardless of how hard you train. Every move you make, even during strenuous workouts, is within your control thanks to the attached thumb design and DenZo Tron Foam cylinder, which create the perfect shape for fist creation and exceptional grip control!


Exceptionally robust and incredibly comfy

Our gloves are made with excellent Maya hide leather and are guaranteed to deliver both tough durability and comfort. Even the hardest bullets won't bother you if you wear a pair of them! You can quickly boost the force of your attacks and outlast any opponent when you have these dependable and strong gloves on.

Improved Grip, Ideal Fit

These sparring gloves with their taka closing mechanism and Quick-EZTM Hook-and-loop wrist strap will help you train like a pro. No matter how hard you punch, the elasticated straps that are adjustable to fit a variety of body types fast and comfortably provide an extremely snug fit. With these boxing gloves, you may exercise with confidence knowing that your hands are covered.

Comfort Like No Other

If you're training for a fight or merely looking to upgrade your skills, gloves with maximum ventilation are vital. RDX ventilated training gloves have palm openings that help keep the sweat away and your hands as cool as they can be - even during intense mitt drills or sparring sessions.

Cutting-edge safeguarding

Hand injuries are often the main concern when sparring. But with the RDX F4 Boxing Sparring Gloves, all of these concerns vanish! Our many layers of cushioning maximize comfort for both you and your opponent by absorbing the stress of hard strikes. Now that you have these gloves, you may strike heavy blows without worrying about your hands hurting later.

Additional wrist assistance for flawless punches

If you're an enthusiast of boxing, then developing your punching technique calls for proper form. But until now, it was difficult to keep perfect form when your wrists needed extra support! The Taka Closure System in RDX F4 Sparring Gloves provides more wrist stability, making it easier than ever to focus on the desired knockout!




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